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Friday, May 6, 2011

Gracie's second birthday!

For my cousin's second birthday, my Aunt and I came up with the idea of doing Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes! They were easy and they were yummy! At first I kept thinking the cones would get ruined in the oven, but nope! They were perfectly fine. They didn't get burnt, extra hard, or even mooshy (if that's even a word?) They turned out really good. First, I put the cake batter into the cones. Some people say to fill the cone up to when the cone actually changes its shape, but when I did that, they overflowed, so I just filled them 3/4 of the way. Then after they cooled, I decorated them with icing to look like soft serve, then added the sprinkles! You should try this! They look really good.


  1. Amanda, They turned out great! I shared your link on my FB page and also on Twitter! I'll be posting about Grace's birthday soon!

  2. Oh, and thanks for making them for the party! :)

  3. Your welcome and thanks for linking me in it. I didn't know how to link you like you said. I'm real sorry :/